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A Photograph can say thousands of words


Do share The Haunted Place ‘jamali kamali’ Just right next to the qutab minar their is a archaeological site and a haunted place named as “JAMALI KAMALI” that very few people know about so let’s start to know about this […]

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About me

Do share Prateek Bisht Hi everyone, This is prateek. I’m the founder of www.fotographynut.com. and I am a photography student from Bharatiya vidya bhawan. I am learning photography from the last 8 months after completing my school life. I learnt […]

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“Life of a potter”

Do share POTTER potter is just a word who make earthen pot(matka) and piggy bank(gullak) after playing with clay. They make the best master pieces in seconds. when I entered in their street I saw the pots everywhere then after roaming […]

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Best Photographs of 2016

Do share Firstly I am a photographer and than I am a blogger. Here is a little gallery of 5 pictures which i took this year and these 5 pictures are my favourite 🙂   Please have a look and […]

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Do share “India Gate”                                   National monument of India. which is located in New Delhi. The India gate was designed by a white men […]

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“Child Labour”

Do share ‘Children are the future of India’ As India is developing day by day and with this in India child laboring is increasing day by day. Child laboring means that children are force to do work like laboring,begging and […]

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Do share Childhood was fun.. :’)      Those were the best days when I was honest,innocent and cute. when I believed fairy tales and Santa clause. Yes I’m talking about CHILDHOOD, yes those were the days! with full of […]

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“My Photography Journey”

Do share “LIFE OF A PHOTOGRAPHER” There are 2 types of photographers in the world: A photographer who want money by his photography A photographer who wants to travel the whole world Photography is the only profession where you can […]

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“The Qutab Minar”

Do share About Qutab minar Qutab minar is a soaring, at 73 metres, A tower of victory it is the tallest brick minaret in the world and second highest minar in India after Fateh Burj which is located in Punjab,IndiaI t […]

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Do share This post is all about Uttrakhand (Dev bhumi)   The beauty of uttrakhand is unbelievable.. as everyone know that uttrakhand is also known as Dev bhumi The king of mountains himalayas is said to consists of five segments […]

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